What I’d done today: April 4

[This is my diary post to record what I have done during my boring PhD life.]

Date: April 4, 2007
Time: Morning

This morning I corrected two figures in section 3.1 of my general proposal. I also fixed some typos and grammar errors that had been notified by my advisor several times. After printing out the new draft of section 3.1, I planed to hand them to my advisor. Unfortunately, he had class this morning. So I missed the chance to turn in. Actually I would like to have a short talk with him about my report writing. I want to share some feeling with him. Since he was not at office this morning, I will try to find him this afternoon.

Update: 1:33pm > I just met my advisor, and I turned in the revised section 3.1 . My advisor said that he will try to finish revising tonight. Hope I can get back my draft of other chapters tomorrow.

Update: 4:16pm > I began to prepare my presentation file this afternoon. I used Keynote, a powerful presentation software developed by Apple. So far I just finished the outlines for each topic.

Update: 9:26am, April 5 > Yesterday night I didn’t do anything about my general proposal. Originally I planned to do something about my presentation. Instead, I looked for good and professional Keynote themes online. Also, I watched an episode of CSI New York. Then I wasted the night. How bad it was! Sigh~


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