What I’d done today: April 5

[This is my diary post to record what I have done during my boring PhD life.]

Date: April 5, 2007
Time: afternoon

This morning I played around my general presentation. As I mentioned, I use Keynote 3 to prepare my presentation. To achieve a great keynote for my general exam, I need a professional theme to support my ideas. Therefore, I purchased PowerBlue Pro from KeynoteUser.com, a very flexible theme for professional purposes. I continued to refine my presentation by adding charts and tables. I really satisfied with the outcomes from PowerBlue Pro, letting me have a good mood on dry and tough works.

Update: 2:18pm > My boss didn’t come to office this morning. I had been waiting for him to take back my proposal. I still didn’t see him when I post this entry. Where are you?

Update: 3:50pm > My boss shown up several minutes ago. I caught him and asked if he had any revised sections to hand me back. He said “no”, at first, then followed an explanation that he felt frustrated about reading chapter 3. He mentioned a serious problem in organization: repeat or similar content of section 3.2 and 3.3. Oh my god. This was not good. Maybe I was confused about the purposes of these sections. My advisor promised to give me a detail outline by 5 pm about what he wants in these sections. Hope I can fix the problem on time.

Update: 5:13pm > Well, it’s over 5pm. My boss is still working on the outline, according to my quick visit three minutes ago. I hope the outline doesn’t make a huge change for chapter 3. The topic my boss is working on is about Probability-Based Earthquake Engineering (PBEE). The problem he told me earlier is that I mess up the PEER framework and PBEE terminologies. Did I? If I did, how? I have no idea even after I reviewed these sections again after we met this afternoon. We’ll see.

Update: 5:57pm > Now everything turns out that I have to make a huge change about my chapter 3. With the help of detailed outline proposed by my boss, I hope I can produce a better and readable sections of PBEE. No time to waste. Work hard!!

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