What I’d done today: April 6

[This is my diary post to record what I have done during my PhD life.]

Date: April 6, 2007
Time: 9:08am
With a doughnut and coffee, I am thinking what happened yesterday evening. Yeah, the huge revision of my general proposal. Honestly, I felt like having a slap on my face when my advisor was talking to me. Well, after one night to work on, I saw the bright side of the event. I didn’t lose too much, at least I got a well organized outline to follow up. This was good for me, actually. My advisor is a detail researcher, and has his own rules. This is fine to me, too. As an international student, this means a great chance of learning something new from totally different culture. I will work hard on the sections of chapter 3. Let’s see how far I can go today.

Update: 2:09pm > During this morning, I finished just one new section of chapter 3 according to the new outline. Kind of slow production. Well, I had to read some sections from books and obtained info from previous PhD students’ dissertations. Creating a new section usually costed me more time than revising old content. I expect the following works would be done faster since only several new sections to be added.

ps. During the lunch break, I went to a hardware shop to buy two special screwdrivers required for iBook hard disk replacement. My iBook is three years old now, and I need more space to store my files. I plan to upgrade by myself. Good luck to me.

Update: 4:19pm > Ahhhh…. I had finished another sub-section. I’d done enough today. I felt so tired when I sat in the office this afternoon. Lack of sleep yesterday made me a little dizzy. Time to go home. My lovely daughter Ariel is waiting. I plan to continue the work this Sunday. 🙂

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