Great News

[This is my diary post to record what I have done during my PhD life.]

Oh, ya~ I just finished my general proposal. There are five chapters in my proposal. My boss had reviewed most of them, and I revised them chapter by chapter. The first four chapters are about literature reviews. The last one is my scope of work. The reason my general proposal is completed so late is because I had been gone for past two weeks.

[posted with ecto]

I went back to my home country Taiwan with my family two weeks ago. Before I went back, I had worked so hard to finish the draft of proposal. Luckily I did it. So after coming back from Taiwan, I have chapters revised by my advisor ready to be written as the final version. All I have to do is to review these articles and write them down. Today I am glad to announce that I finished the final version of proposal. When my boss coming back this Friday, I will discuss with him for the last time, and print out the proposal to send it to my committee members. The big day of my general exam is scheduled on May 31. Good luck to me!

I can take a short rest now.


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