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Complaint: VB.Net’s lack of statistical computation

June 18, 2007

[This is my diary post to record what I have done during my PhD life.]

I use VB.Net to program my liquefaction-related seismic hazards evaluation system. I use statistical computation a lot. I found that VB.Net cannot perform statistical estimation directly, such as computations of normal and lognormal distribution. I have to find the mathematical expressions, then try to compute them by VB.Net. There are many well-built third-party softwares providing excellent accuracy and efficiency of statistical calculation for VB.Net. But, they are expensive too. As a student, I can’t afford it. These commonly used statistical computations can be found as functions in Excel. I wonder how Excel computes these statistics and so fast. I wish I can dig out the VB scripts Excel uses for statistics. It is not hard to perform statistical computation in VB.Net, is it?

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This weekend: June 16 – 17

June 17, 2007

[This is my diary post to record what I have done during my PhD life.]

This past Saturday, June 16, was my birthday. Ya, happy birthday to me. This was a lonely birthday, because my family was not with me. I am alone in America now. It’s OK. I can focus more on my research and get it finished as soon as possible. So, what I did in Saturday? Nothing was special. I went for shopping with my friend, Robert, at Costco and Uwajmaya, a Japanese supermarket located in Seattle downtown. We had lunch of burgers bought from Kid’s Valley, drank Guiness beer, and watched baseball game. After lunch, I stayed at my studying room watching a Taiwan competition show (超級星光大道) on YouTube. I liked the show so much, and it is so hot in Taiwan. Everybody is talking about it.

Sunday, I wake up nearly at noon. I did the laundry, pre-ordered Harry Porter #7 at Brnes & Noble, and had a soy-milk Mocha while reading the magazine of Mac Life on the couch. Nice and relaxing time it was. Then, I am writing this post.

That’s it, so far. I plan to dig into my Visual Basic codes tonight for my liquefaction-related project. I hope it would be a sunny day tomorrow.

Update: My general exam

June 17, 2007

[This is my diary post to record what I have done during my PhD life.]

Finally, my general exam was held on Thursday, May 31. As I expected, the oral presentation of my general exam went through smoothly, after my three to four times of rehearsal with my boss. One thing needed to be noted that there was one committee member missing because of an unchangeable schedule conflict. Well, it was not my fault, and we still had sufficient professors attending the meeting. I felt very nervous, of course, when I stood in front of audience. Sooner, I felt nothing about my nervousness when I concentrated myself on the presentation. The whole meeting went on in the atmosphere of satisfaction. I didn’t get any critical question to my PhD proposal. I can say that I pass the exam with “soft landing”.

Anyway, I passed the exam, which is really a great thing in my PhD life.