This weekend: June 16 – 17

[This is my diary post to record what I have done during my PhD life.]

This past Saturday, June 16, was my birthday. Ya, happy birthday to me. This was a lonely birthday, because my family was not with me. I am alone in America now. It’s OK. I can focus more on my research and get it finished as soon as possible. So, what I did in Saturday? Nothing was special. I went for shopping with my friend, Robert, at Costco and Uwajmaya, a Japanese supermarket located in Seattle downtown. We had lunch of burgers bought from Kid’s Valley, drank Guiness beer, and watched baseball game. After lunch, I stayed at my studying room watching a Taiwan competition show (超級星光大道) on YouTube. I liked the show so much, and it is so hot in Taiwan. Everybody is talking about it.

Sunday, I wake up nearly at noon. I did the laundry, pre-ordered Harry Porter #7 at Brnes & Noble, and had a soy-milk Mocha while reading the magazine of Mac Life on the couch. Nice and relaxing time it was. Then, I am writing this post.

That’s it, so far. I plan to dig into my Visual Basic codes tonight for my liquefaction-related project. I hope it would be a sunny day tomorrow.


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