Complaint: VB.Net’s lack of statistical computation

[This is my diary post to record what I have done during my PhD life.]

I use VB.Net to program my liquefaction-related seismic hazards evaluation system. I use statistical computation a lot. I found that VB.Net cannot perform statistical estimation directly, such as computations of normal and lognormal distribution. I have to find the mathematical expressions, then try to compute them by VB.Net. There are many well-built third-party softwares providing excellent accuracy and efficiency of statistical calculation for VB.Net. But, they are expensive too. As a student, I can’t afford it. These commonly used statistical computations can be found as functions in Excel. I wonder how Excel computes these statistics and so fast. I wish I can dig out the VB scripts Excel uses for statistics. It is not hard to perform statistical computation in VB.Net, is it?

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